20+ R&D employees
more than 100+ contract FTEs
at factories and contract factories


Our core management team brings along deep expertise in R&D, operations, regalatory affairs, and business development


    Rick Shang is the CEO of Vulpes. He has deep connections within St. Louis and in the U.S. to raise funds and identify business development opportunities. He has found support from Grower Freedom Alliance, the Yield Lab Institute, and BioGenerator, has developed the research programs in the U.S., and has engaged potential business partners. Rick Shang sits on the board of United Way Greater St. Louis and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis among others.


    Greg Shapiro is the COO of Vulpes. He is an established and experienced businessperson in St. Louis. He was the President & CEO of Shapiro Brothers, a multistate metal recycling business with around $90 million in annual revenue. He joined Vulpes Corp. after he sold his company to Icahn Enterprises’ PSC Metals. He has more than 30 years of experience managing manufacturing facilities and logistics. He will oversee Vulpes’s manufacturing operations. He also has extensive relationships with institutional investors and industrial conglomerates to scout out future investment and industrial partners.

  3. DIHU YU

    Dihu Yu is the CTO of Vulpes. He is an established researcher and entrepreneur. He rose from the manufacturing floor to Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University Fine Chemicals and accumulated extensive experience in actual manufacturing practice and manufacturing R&D. A few years after his departure from Zhejiang University Fine Chemicals and returning to teach at Zhejiang University, he started Dike Chemical Technic Co., LTD., a contract R&D and manufacturing company to serve the agrochemical and pharmaceutical chemical needs of domestic and international companies, including Teva Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, and others.