Vulpes reduces the lifecycle environment impact of agriculture


Vulpes has created a number of manufacturing innovations and is working with 15 teams from 10 U.S. research institutions to test and develop novel agrochemicals.

  1. Nanocarbon

    Vulpes creates a patent-pending, pilot-manufacturing technology to manufacture custom-designed carbon nanomaterials at less than 1% of the prevailing cost, creating a new nanomaterial-enabled product line of nutrient and water transporter, rooting agent, and abiotic stress protector.

  2. L-glufosinate

    Vulpes creates a novel L-glufosinate manufacturing process that has no fermetation or use of enzyme. With a clean chemical process, Vulpes has a novel process that is massively cheaper than existing competitors and has no environmental liability.

  3. Other Products

    Vulpes has a portfolio of around 30 agrichemicals, all using novel, low-cost, and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Our strength include Dinitroanilines, Sulfonylureas, and many others. Please Click Here to learn more.