Stress Protection Publication!

In August 2020, one of our collaborating teams at the University of Florida published their most recent research on using the carbon nanomaterials from Vulpes Agricultural to mitigate salinity and heat stress for lettuce.

The research team, lead by Professor Huo, publishes under the title: Water-Soluble Carbon Nanoparticles Improve Seed Germination and Post-Germination Growth of Lettuce under Salinity Stress to demonstrate that, despite salinity stress, seed treatments with Vulpes Agricultural’s carbon nanomaterial improved lettuce’s seed germination and post-germination growth.

Figure 1: Significant seed germination rate improvement with carbon nanomaterial seed treatment under salinity and heat stress.
Keys: 150 NaCl: 150nM NaCl treatment for 4 hours ; Dry: drying

Further, but more experimental research also shows that Vulpes Agricultural’s carbon nanomaterial can potentially improve the heat resistance of lettuce seeds as well.

Vulpes Agricultural is developing a product line based on its carbon nanomaterial to confer stress protection, such as drought, heat, and salinity protection to a wide range of crops in collaboration with four major research universities in the U.S.