Vulpes returns pharmaceutical competitiveness to the US


Vulpes has created a number of innovative manufacturing technologies not only to onshore more than 60% of essential drugs as designated by FDA, but also to manufacture them competitively against overseas manufacturers.

  1. Automation

    Vulpes descigned its manufacturing processes from the ground up to integrate cutting-edge automation and other technologies to reduce the production cost.

  2. Upcycling

    Vulpes relies on many industrial by-products and wastes as source materials for its pharmaceutical production. The extensive use of industrial waste brings down Vulpes's production cost.

  3. Regional Cluster

    Vulpes, instead of relying on a lean, just-in-time global supply chain, develops its manufacturing processes based on the availability of materials in regional supply chain. Such a design takes advantage of commonly neglected local opportunities, avoids supply chain disruptions, and strengthens local competitiveness.