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What is Vulpes Corp?

Vulpes Corp. brings integrated R&D, Systems Engineering, and Manufacturing to the U.S.

Dihu Yu, his team, and his collaborators have a long history of research and manufacturing innovations. The following is a select list of his achievements:


1. Research and industrialization of a high yield, environmentally friendly, industrial manufacturing process for D-Glucosamine Hydrochloride

2. Research and industrialization of a key chemical intermediate to Levetiracetam (major breakthrough and still the global leader)

3. Research and industrialization of a key chemical intermediate to Lacosamide (patented)

4. Research and industrialization of a key chemical process to manufacture Dexamethasone. The first industrialized and scaled manufacturer in China and a supplier to GSK. Ended Pfizer’s monopoly over the drug

5. Research and industrialization of Tenofovir disoproxil. The first industrialized manufacturer in China

6. Research and industrialization of a new, environmentally friendly process to manufacture steroids. Ended Pfizer’s monopoly over similar technologies.

7. Over 70% market share of key chemical intermediates for Atorvastatin and Sofosbuvir.


1. New biological wastewater treatment design and improvement. 300%-500% increase in efficiency over the traditional Anoxic/Oxic method

2. Involved in the design of multiple projects on recycling hazardous chemical waste, turning hazardous chemical waste into reusable, safe resources (part of the technology became the basis of Vulpes Industrial.)

3. New technology to restore soil heavily contaminated by heavy metals, including key technologies to remove or fix heavy metals

4. New technology on soil reconditioning and soil improvements (part of the technology became the basis of Vulpes Agricultural., already funding 11 labs in the U.S.)

our history

Innovation, from the Lab to the Factory

Dihu Yu graduated from Zhejiang University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. After a short stint working at Zhejiang University, he joined Zhejiang University Fine Chemicals Co.
Dihu Yu left Zhejiang University Fine Chemicals Co. as the Executive Vice President and returned to research at Zhejiang University. At the time, Dihu Yu had risen from the floor eventually to overseeing the entire global manufacturing businesses.
Dihu Yu started Hangzhou Dike Chemical Technologies Co., Limited and other affiliated entities to manage his manufacturing businesses.
Dihu Yu and his team, now with much success in manufacturing for leading international pharmaceutical companies, started projects for manufacturing in the U.S.
Dihu Yu and his team validated nanocarbon and industrial water treatment solutions as the first two projects to be introduced to the U.S. market, while they continued the research on moving more projects aboard.
Dihu Yu and his partners officially started operating in the U.S., through Vulpes Corp. as his holding company and its subsidiaries.